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Humanrockets Company is a team of professionals and an online platform for generating income from investing in crypto currency mining.

Our company deals not only with crypto-currency mining, but also with their trade on international exchanges. The popularity of crypto-currency and the increasing difficulties in obtaining it increase the popularity and demand for crypto-currencies in the markets and in general. Therefore, sales of digital currency are very profitable

  • Multi-transactions with crypto and fiat currencies

  • Actual and favorable cross-currency exchange rate

  • The guaranteed insurance of the investors investments

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Our Features

You Take Growth For Investment

High Availability

There is no centralized market administration, hence you always have access and the ability to trade and invest your coins .

No Transaction Fees

Humanrockets uses Bandwidth and Energy for the calculation of transaction. Each user is allowed unlimited transfers free of charge.

Versatile and secured

The site is supported by a very strong backup system and very high security, SSL and anti-DDOS Protection.

Professional Team

We are a team of the best traders in the cryptocurrency market who know how to make daily profits.

Instant Withdrawals

Nothing can comfort you more than getting the payments within seconds in your desired wallets, and that's our biggest strength.

Daily income

Investors a sense of comfort and stress free. Investments opportunity.


Our Pricing Plans

Basic Plan



Period: 50 Days

Minimum: 25$

Mixmum: 700

Instant Withdrawals

Principle Included

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Standard Plan



Period: 30 Days

Minimum: 701$

Mixmum: 10000$

Instant Withdrawals

Principle Included

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Professional Plan



Period: 10 Days

Minimum: 1000$

Mixmum: 10000$

Instant Withdrawals

Principle Return

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Expect Great Things from Your Our Company

We know how important customer experience is for a busines and therefore, we trive to make your company

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You Want to Showcase Your Invest in Top Join With Us

We created a three-level affiliate program in which you can have stable earnings on your referrals’ investments. You will receive 7% of each deposit from the first-level participants. Moreover, you will get 3% and 1% of earnings from the other two levels.

  • 7%

    Level 1

  • 3%

    Level 2

  • 1%

    Level 3


Real Time Transactions

There is no need to wait for earnings reports or deposits to clear. These financial operations occurs exactly when you initiate the process. Withdrawal will be processed instantly once you request.

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HUMANROCKETS LIMITED - is a financial-investment company whose activity is trust management of investor's funds using the market for liquefied natural gas. The company's concept is based on the financial turnover of production and sales of natural gas and oil.

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We’ll get back to you within minutes. Write to us on Telegram and we’ll give you an instant response. We do not put bots or robots - only “live” employees.

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